To be continued...

Thoughts at the end of the 30-day writing challenge. Mapping

An attribute based library for mapping custom types to view model


The foundations of a COPE workflow with

30-day Writing Challenge - Half Way Q&A

I'm halfway through the 30-day writing challenge. Marc suggested we all answer a set of Tim Ferriss style interview questions. These are my answers.

Hit Publish

Thoughts on confronting and overcoming the fear of publishing.

Enforcing a canonical host name on Azure

Maintaining a single host on azure so your website visitors only ever experience your website through a single domain.

Bringing order to a chaotic release schedule

A novel approach to managing releases.

Designing in the open, letting go of perfection

I've finally released the next iteration my site, albeit unfinished, and that's OK.

30 Day Writing Challenge

I'm going to spend April writing more, about my work as a web developer, and how hard I find the 30 day writing challenge

EnhanceConf 2016

I travelled to London for the first EnhanceConf. A fantastic 2 days full of insight into how to approach building for a web and it's many unpredictable facets.


Today I became a father. Lucy and I welcomed our son into the world, the most incredible experience of my life, starts a journey that changes it forever.