To be continued...

The end of my 30-day writing challenge.

Over the course of April, I’ve taken part in Mark Jenkins’ 30-day Writing Challenge. I’ve written more in the last month than I have in the last 2 years. It’s been fun and frustrating in equal measure.

At the start of April my goal was:

  1. Write for at least 1-hour per-day
  2. Publishing at least 2 articles per week.

This is my eighth post in 30 days. I’m pleased with that, but this is not the end. 30 days of writing has meant I've worked on many ideas. I'll look to publish these in the following months.

When I started the challenge full of ideas, I didn't realise how unprepared I was. I didn't have any kind of routine. I struggled with the confidence to publish. And, I'm terrible at staying on task.

Knowing that I had to write something every day, has helped to break down these mental obstacles. They'll remain there, probably forever, but I know I can get passed them.

This time next week I’ll turn 30. Over the last three, turbulent years, a lot’s changed. I’m more mindful of the person I want to be, for my own benefit and for everyone I care for. This month has again proved, I’m in control of this journey. All I need to do is understand each small change I want to make and turn them into positive habits.

After all, writing is thinking, to be continued...


I want to thank Marc and everyone else who took part for a very inspirational month. The challenge Slack group has introduced me, albeit digitally, to a group of like-minded people. As the weeks progressed it amazed me how much common ground we shared.

You can read everyone’s writing here.