Hit Publish

Yesterday I published another post as part of the 30-day writing challenge. It was my first technical post for the challenge. I spent less time deliberating over the details and found it much easier to publish.

It could have gone the way of a lot of my technical posts. I get the code together, begin writing about why I chose a specific technique, then the fear kicks in. I begin to question my motives. These questions, if left to linger, grow into negative thoughts. If left long enough, I end up losing my momentum and shelving it for later.

The trouble with later is - as my writing queue tells me - it's far more difficult to pick up my train of thought. Soon, it feels like an insurmountable hurdle to publish.

Instead, I'm trying to confront and overcome this negativity before it has a chance to settle. I'm hoping this will be the biggest achievement I'll take from this challenge. Time to conquer the fear and hit publish.